Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English

[Further Studies] 

Nationally Recognised Training

Program code                                                                            10365NAT

Course duration                                                                        2.5 days per week over 24 weeks, or 2 days per week over 33 weeks.

Delivery mode                                                                           Face to face training

Campus location and delivery site           337-339 La Trobe Street, 338 Latrobe Street, Melbourne or Unit 2 48 Rutland Rd BOX HILL

Course Description

This is an advanced course suitable for learners who have developed some competence in English language and literacy skills and who have had fair degree of formal or informal exposure to English.

The Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English (CSWE) (Further Studies) provides a general framework for learners who need to develop higher-level language skills to enter vocational, higher education or higher-level training.

Graduates of CSWE IV (Further Studies) will be able to apply the knowledge gained from this qualification for basic social needs and routine situations for everyday commerce, recreation and linguistically undemanding vocational fields.  It also provides the necessary foundation upon which graduates can continue with higher education studies.

The levels which equate to CSWE IV are:

  • ACSF 4 to 5
  • ISLPR 2+ to 3+
  • IELTS 6 to 6.5
  • TOEFL internet based score 93 or TOEFL 500-583 based

Entry Requirements

There are no set requirements for this course. Students who wish to undertake English courses will sit the English placement test. GBCA will place a student into the level according to the outcome of the placement test.

Course Structure

Module Code Module Name
SWELRN401A Learning strategies for further studies
SWEREA404A Reading and note-taking skills for further studies
SWEPER405A Writing skills for persuasive essays
SWEANA406A Writing skills for academic reports
SWELIS407A Listening and taking notes in presentations
SWESPE408A Speaking and writing skills for presentations
SWEDIS409A Speaking skills for discussions

Assessment Methods

A variety of assessment methods will be used throughout the course, including: Speaking and conversation, Portfolio of Work , Listening Activity and answer short questions/respond to instruction, Observation , Writing exercise, Reading activity and answer short questions/respond to instruction.

Intake Dates