Australian Cultural Arts Exploration Program

Program Objective

Australian Cultural Arts Exploration Program is designed and tailored specifically for art lovers. Melbourne as the art capital of the southern hemisphere, has gained the titles of ‘The Capital of Charm in the Southern hemisphere’ and ‘The Australian Art Capital’. This program can satisfy the demands of art lovers to explore the rich Australian culture and rapidly growing world of art. The itinerary specifically includes visits to world renown museums, exhibition centres, national and private galleries; simultaneously embracing the opera and orchestral performances. Our experienced art tour guide will effectively provide comprehensive information to those who crave professional and systematic knowledge, offering a unique opportunity to broaden their horizon and an unprecedented experience!

Program features

Art lovers will visit the National Gallery of Victoria, Arts Centre, Museums, Australian Centre for the Moving Image and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, you will get an opportunity to appreciate and understand the history and evolution of Australian art, accompanied entirely by an art tour guide. Melbourne has a large number of theaters and concert hall facilities, art lovers will have the opportunity to listen to a symphony or watch a famous opera, enjoy unlimited visual auditory pleasure and interact with different local artists and Chinese artists, at the same time view different styles of buildings, parks, botanical gardens, churches etc. and experience the strong cultural atmosphere of Melbourne.

Program Highlights

★ World Renown Exhibition Centres – National Gallery of Victoria,Arts Centre Melbourne,Art Gallery of New South Wales(Sydney tour) ★ Eastern and Western artist exchange – Participate in art forums,experience the western art culture and speak to the artists ★ Visual auditory banquet – watch internationally renowned Melbourne symphony orchestral performances and famous opera performances ★ Melbourne city seminar venues,modern classrooms and teaching facilities ★ Experience local culture and landscape attractions –Sydney Opera House,Sydney Harbour Bridge,Darling Harbour(Sydney tour) ★ Comprehensive congenial service – comprehensive pre-travelling training, accompanied guide to explain Australia art history and background ★ Amiable living conditions and environment – central city modern family style apartments, located in the midst of the free tram zone, adjacent to many large shopping centres and Chinatown

Program fees

This fee includes: course fees, accommodation, return ticket, local transportation and insurance. The fee does not include: visa fees, meals and personal expenditures.

Registration period

The registration period commences on 1st September 2015 and closes on 30th November 2015.

Program Itinerary

Day Morning Afternoon
Day 1 Depart from Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou to Melbourne, check into accommodation
Day 2 Visit Arts Centre, this is the largest performing arts centre in Melbourne and the main venue for art performances Visit National Gallery of Victoria, with a collection of over 20,000 pieces from the colonial period to the contemporary Australian art.
Day 3 Australia’s food and wine culture,experience food and wine festivals,taste different cuisines Visit Melbourne’s famous winery, understand the wine making process,wine tasting and admire the beautiful scenery
Day 4 Australian Centre for the Moving Image, immerse yourself in the world of movies, television series, digital culture; The Federation Square Complex with its abstract surreal design became a new icon of the 21st century in Melbourne Flinders Street Stations is Melbourne’s largest and busiest railway station, constructed in the Victorian era; Melbourne Immigration Museum objectively reflected the immigration history of Victoria
Day 5 Understand the Aboriginal Culture, watch performances and taste indigenous food
Day 6 South bank theatre is one of the main venue for the Melbourne Theatre Troupe, art lovers will have the opportunity to watch and musical or concert here Australian Centre for Contemporary Art is an important landmark of Melbourne, it portrays the shape of a ship, has four exhibition spaces of varying sizes, displaying the most avant-garde of international and Australian art
Day 7 Participate in local art forum and visit Centre for Contemporary Photography, a place loved by many photographers and consists of different themed exhibitions Appreciate collectibles and understand the history behind Australian antiques
Day 8 Private galleries of diversified styles and concepts, street art – Melbourne with its unique form of art expression has gained the title of ‘The World’s Greatest Street Art Capital’ Talk with Chinese artists and exchange thoughts and ideas
Day 9 Invite artists to present about the characteristics of the Western Art style – GBCA campus
Day 10 Depart for China or continue to Sydney

Optional Sydney Tour

Sydney Tour itinerary
Day 10 Arrive in Sydney, visit Sydney Opera House, staff will lead the children and parents to explore the Opera House and give detailed explanations about the interior layout. Visit Sydney Harbour Bridge, those interested can display a health certification and climb the bridge under professional supervisor of the instructor (at own expense). Darling Harbour is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery. You can also visit the Sydney Aquarium, Maritime Museum etc.
Day 11 Queen Victoria Building is a 19th century historical tourist attraction and a beautiful shopping centre. It now has over 180 stores, cafes and restaurants. Opposite the building is the vibrant Chinatown. The Sydney Fish Market is largest seafood market in the southern hemisphere for retail and wholesale, and has over hundreds of fresh produce to choose from, a must visit place for seafood lovers. There are tables and chairs situated outside the market so you can eat while enjoying the view of the sea.
Day 12 Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of the three national galleries in Australia, display some of the most outstanding art of Australia. The gallery mainly exhibits Australian art works of various periods, including Impressionist art and art from Asia; Museum of Contemporary Art Australia exhibits traditional indigenous art and contemporary art, work from 20th century European artists and also art from Asia.
Day 13 Depart for China

Note: the above itinerary is for reference only and may be subject to changes.







★ 世界级展馆 – 国立美术馆,国家艺术中心,新南威尔士艺术馆(悉尼游) ★ 中西艺术家交流 – 参加艺术讲坛,感受西方艺术,与艺术家讨论对话 ★ 视觉听觉盛宴 – 观赏具有国际声誉的墨尔本城市交响乐团的演奏会,欣赏著名歌剧 ★ 市中心研讨场所,现代化的教室与设施 ★ 体验当地人文景观 –悉尼歌剧院,悉尼大桥,达伶港(悉尼游) ★ 贴心全方位服务 – 全方位的行前培训、艺术背景的讲解员全程陪同 ★ 舒适的住宿环境 – 市中心现代化家庭公寓,处于免费电车区,近各大商场及唐人街


费用包含:课程费、住宿费、往返机票及当地交通费、保险费, 不包含:签证费,餐饮费和个人消费。


四, 活动行程

日期 上午 下午
第一天 北京/上海/广州飞往墨尔本,入住市中心公寓
第二天 参观维多利亚艺术中心,这是墨尔本最大的表演艺术中心,也是墨尔本艺术活动的主要场所 参观国立美术馆,收藏了超过2万件从殖民时期到当代澳洲艺术的作品
第三天 澳大利亚美食美酒文化,感受墨尔本美食美酒文化节,品尝各地美食 参观墨尔本著名酒庄,了解体验酿酒的过程,品尝澳洲各类美酒,同时欣赏酒庄美景
第四天 在澳大利亚移动影像中心,让自己沉浸在电影,电视和数字文化的世界;联邦广场的建筑群以其抽象的超现实的模式展现在世人面前,成为21世纪墨尔本的新象征 佛林德斯火车站是墨尔本最大和最繁忙的火车站,是维多利亚时期的建筑;墨尔本移民博物馆真实客观地反映维多利亚的移民历史
第五天 了解澳洲土著文化,观看土著表演,品尝土著食品
第六天 南岸剧院是墨尔本剧团三大演出场所之一,艺术爱好者将有机会在这里观看音乐剧或演奏会 澳大利亚当代艺术中心是墨尔本的标志性建筑,很像轮船,有4个大小不同的展览空间,展示着国际和澳大利亚国内最前卫的艺术
第七天 参加当地艺术家讲坛及当代摄影中心,它是许多摄影爱好者向往的地方,设有不同主题的艺术展 收藏品鉴赏,了解澳洲古董背后的文化和历史
第八天 不同风格私人画廊游览,街头艺术-墨尔本以其独特的表现形式之被称为世界上最伟大的街头艺术之都 与华人艺术家交流心得
第九天 邀请艺术家讲评西方艺术特点-GBCA校园
第十天 返回中国或搭飞机前往悉尼


悉尼 游览项目
第十天 到达悉尼,参观悉尼歌剧院,工作人员将带领孩子和家长参观歌剧院内部并给予详细解说。参观悉尼大桥,有兴趣者也可出示健康状况证明,在专业领队的带领下攀登大桥(自费)。达伶港是欣赏风景与放松休闲的绝佳去处。在达伶港亦可参观悉尼水族馆,海事博物馆等
第十一天 维多利亚女皇大厦是19世纪历史性的旅游点,也是美丽的购物中心。现内有超过180家商店,咖啡馆和餐厅。大厦对面就是充满活力的悉尼唐人街。 对于热爱海鲜的人,悉尼鱼市场就是个不可不去的好去处。悉尼鱼市场是南半球最大的海鲜市场,零售、批发新鲜鱼货上百种并售卖其他食品。市场外几排桌椅,一边吃一边欣赏海景
第十二天 新南威尔士州美术馆是澳洲国内三大美术馆之一,陈列着澳洲境内最优秀的艺术作品,馆内主要展出的是澳大利亚各个时期的美术作品,也有印象派大师和亚洲的美术作品;悉尼当代艺术馆展示着原始土著居民的传统艺术与现代艺术, 20世纪欧洲画家的作品及来自亚洲的艺术品
第十三天 返回中国

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