Australian Discovery & Educational Family Camp

Suitable for children aged 7 or below accompanied by parents

Program Objectives

Inspired by Reggio Emilia’s innovative approach to education, our camp program is crafted by experienced educators to stimulate intellectual development of the children. Through a variety of interesting and fun activities, the program seeks to encourage freedom in expressing of thoughts in various languages (including English and body language), stimulate curiosity, develop creativity and promote learning. Adapting Orff music pedagogy, the program seeks to give the children an opportunity to experience the wonder of music, encourage the development of their potential and foster their well-being. In this program, children also have the chance to discover and appreciate nature and to experience close encounters with animals.

Program Activities

Australia Family Bonding Adventure ranges from 10-16 days. The first destination is to Melbourne and there is an optional extended tour to Sydney and Gold Coast. This program combines both Reggio Emilia’s innovative approach to education and Orff music pedagogy to provide parents and children a new educational experience. The children will enjoy tremendous fun and precious bonding moments with their parents in Phillip Island, Melbourne Aquarium, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Darling Harbour. Through visits to National Gallery of Victoria and Sydney Opera House, both parents and children can experience the charm of the vibrant city as well as its local culture and history. Children can have close encounters with different animals in Collingwood Children’s Farm and Werribee Open Range Zoo. They will have a memorable and thrilling ride experience on Melbourne’s famous century-old Puffing Billy steam engine along the beautiful ranges of Dandenong Mountains. Parents and children will get a valuable chance to visit a local kindergarten and experience their educational program. Through interactive games and exchange with local kindergarten children helps nurture an interest in English language learning.

Program Highlights

★ Popular Western educational philosophy – Italian Reggio Emilia’s innovative approach to education and German Orff Music Pedagogy ★ Lessons by experienced educators ★ New state-of-art learning centre situated in Melbourne Central, ★ Art and Culture – Guided Art lesson, tour to National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Graffiti Alley ★ Close to Nature – Werribee Open Range Zoo, Aquarium, Collingwood Children’s Farm, Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade ★ Parent & Child Activities – Melbourne’s famous century-old Puffing Billy steam engine, St Kilda and Lunar Park, fruit picking, Phillip Island, chocolate Factory ★ Experience local attractions – Great Ocean Road (Melbourne Tour), Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge,Darling Harbour (Sydney Tour) ★ Three main theme parks – Dream World, Sea World and Movie World where parents and children can personally experience the thrills and fun. ★ Support service and guide – trained teacher providing guidance throughout the program ★ Comfortable Accommodation – apartments situated in Melbourne Central, Free tram zone, Shopping district and Chinatown


Fees inclusive of program fee and materials, accommodation, return ticket, local transportation, meals and insurance. The fees do not include visa fee and personal expenses.

Registration Period

Registration period begins on September 1 2015 and will close on 30 November 2015.

Study Tour Program

Day Morning Afternoon
Day 1 Departure – Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou Arrival at Melbourne International Airport and check in Melbourne apartments
Day 2 Orff music lesson- Under the guidance of Orff-trained music teachers, children will be engaged in the music and movement activities while improving their linguistic ability and performance. The Orff approach encourages creativity and importance of rhythm in children. Melbourne Museum – one of Australia’s biggest galleries, Victorian Children’s Gallery. Melbourne’s Graffiti Alley – experience unique art.
Day 3 Local kindergarten tour and have an exchange with the local children
Day 4 Ballet lesson by local teacher, theme ‘Cinderella’ Lunar Park Melbourne – thrill rides in famous amusement park St. Kilda Beach – one of Melbourne’s most famous beaches
Day 5 Werribee Open Range Zoo – watch the actions of the zebras, giraffes and other African animals at a close distance. Werribee Park – Experience Victorian era living and explore the interiors of Werribee Mansion. Victoria State Rose Garden – admire more than 5000 roses
Day 6 Arts lesson – Under the skilful guidance of an art teacher, children’s appreciation and talent in Art could be nurtured. Phillip Island – Visit Chocolate Factory & watch Penguin Parade, a magnificent return of fairy penguins to their burrows along the beach in Phillip Island.
Day 7 SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium –Experience the wonders of the marine life and discover world’s aquatic special creatures such as dugongs, sharks, turtles, jellyfish, platypus, penguins, sea dragons and thousands of tropical fish. Collingwood Children’s Farm – Pony ride and themed barbecue
Day 8 Great Ocean Road – winding stretches along the south-eastern coast of Australia with different scenic views and breathtaking coastline
Day 9 Puffing Billy – Ride Melbourne’s famous century-old steam train and is one of the well-preserved steam railways in the world. Seasonal fruit picking – children could have fun picking strawberries, cherries or blueberries.
Return to China or Departure to Sydney

Note: the above schedule is for reference only. Actual schedule may be slightly adjusted accordingly to fit the school arrangements. Optional Tour – Sydney & Gold Coast

Sydney Itinerary
Day 10 Sydney Opera House – discover the stories and history of this iconic landmark by taking the Sydney Opera House tour. Sydney Harbour Bridge – Also known as the ‘Coathanger’, is a magnificent arc bridge which is a historical landmark of Sydney. Interested healthy participants can climb the bridge under the guidance of the Climb Leader (at own expense). Darling Harbour – Sydney’s large harbourside scenic recreational area, it is a perfect place to relax or visit SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium or Australian National Maritime Museum.
Day 11 Queen Victoria Building – Sydney’s most popular shopping street is home to more than 180 fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Across the street is vibrant Sydney’s Chinatown and experience its distinctive flavour. Sydney Fish Market – provides seafood lovers the opportunity to experience the hustle and bustle of a fish market. It is the largest seafood market in Southern Hemisphere where visitors can also enjoy their meals while overlooking the sea.
Day 12 Taronga Zoo – Overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge and situated in lush greeneries, it is home to over 4000 animals, including Australian native wildlife, as well as rare and endangered exotic animals. Visitors could experience close encounter with koalas and other Australian wildlife. Children can learn more about the animals in various keeper talks, animal feeding and interesting animal shows.
Gold Coast Itinerary
Day 13 Dream World – one of Australia’s most popular theme park and children’s fun land. Filled with thriller rides, entertainment activities and animal experience, all children will treasure this unforgettable happy experience.
Day 14 Sea World- Australia’s largest marine animal theme park, offering fun and adventure to all. Children can venture into an adventure in the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat, Penguin icy wonderland, Seal Harbour, Dolphin lagoon and Ray Reef exhibit. They can watch the exciting Fish Detectives show and enjoy fun rides.
Day 15 Warner Bros. Movie World- Enjoy a day of photo shoots with your favourite cartoon characters and superheros, including Bugs Bunny, Batman and many more. Watch live action-packed performances and all-star parade. Immerse yourself among the stars and enjoy the fun of first-class rides.
Day 16 Home Sweet Home

Note: the above schedule is for reference only. Actual schedule may be slightly adjusted accordingly to fit the school arrangements.



适合年龄在 7岁及以下的儿童及家长




此亲子游共在墨尔本十天,可选另加悉尼和黄金海岸。 在游学行程中我们将瑞吉欧教育理念及奥尔夫音乐教学法结合,给孩子和家长一个全新的学习体验。孩子们将在菲利普岛,儿童农场,水族馆,开放式动物园,月亮公园,悉尼大桥和达令港尽情嬉戏互动,享受优美的自然风光和城市风景;也将在儿童艺术博物馆,悉尼歌剧院,动物园中体验到澳大利亚文化与历史,与小动物亲密接触;孩子们还有机会体验墨尔本百年历史的蒸汽火车,穿梭于风景如画的丹德农山脉,亲近大自然。此外,孩子们将与家长共同体验当地幼儿园,和当地小朋友进行英语交流,并让学英语的兴趣在游戏互动中尽情迸发。


★ 受西方认可的教育理念 – 德国奥尔夫音乐教学法及意大利瑞吉欧教学理念 ★ 丰富经验的专家授课 ★ 市中心授课地点,现代化的教室与设施 ★ 名校参观及当地小朋友交流互动 ★ 文化艺术探寻 – 专业老师传授绘画课程,参观艺术博物馆和涂鸦巷 ★ 亲密接触大自然 – 游览澳大利亚最大的开放式动物园,参观袋鼠考拉等澳洲独有动物,水族馆, 儿童农场;在菲力普岛,静赏世界最小企鹅回巢奇观 ★ 亲子互动活动 – 百年蒸汽小火车,圣柯达海滩和月亮公园,参观巧克力工厂 ★ 体验当地人文景观 –大洋路(墨尔本游),悉尼歌剧院,悉尼大桥,达伶港(悉尼游) ★ 三大主题公园 – 孩子和家长都能亲身体验的惊险刺激的娱乐活动(黄金海岸游) ★ 贴心全方位服务 – 全方位的行前培训、领队老师贴心全程陪同 ★ 舒适的住宿环境 – 市中心现代化家庭公寓,处于免费电车区,近各大商场及唐人街


费用包含:课程费、材料费、住宿费、往返机票及当地交通费、餐饮费、保险费, 不包含:签证费和个人消费。


四, 活动行程

日期 上午 下午
第一天 北京/上海/广州飞往墨尔本,入住学生公寓
第二天 结合瑞吉欧教育理念,奥尔夫音乐课程,运用语言、律动和音乐教学相结合,使孩子对音乐产生极大兴趣,让家长学习体验西方先进教学理念 参观墨尔本艺术中心,澳大利亚最大的美术馆之一维多利亚美术馆儿童馆,游览墨尔本遍布弄堂和小巷的涂鸦街景,体验当地别具一格的艺术
第三天 参观当地幼儿园及小学,与小朋友亲密互动
第四天 特邀当地老师亲授芭蕾舞课程,主题‘灰姑娘’ 月亮游乐园, 疯狂老鼠、海盗船等惊险刺激的活动项目;圣科达海滩,感受南半球最著名的海滩之一
第五天 了解动物世界在澳洲的演变,在Werribee开放动物园亲密接触考拉、袋鼠等澳洲特有动物及斑马、长颈鹿等非洲动物 Werribee公园与19世纪小城堡,维多利亚州玫瑰园里5000多种玫瑰
第六天 绘画课程,专业老师指导,培养儿童艺术兴趣 菲利普岛,参观巧克力工厂,夜晚观看世界最小企鹅归巢
第七天 了解澳洲特色海洋生物,参观水族馆,观看企鹅、海龙、大鲨鱼、海龟、水母、鸭嘴兽以及成千上万的热带鱼 Collingwood儿童农场,骑小马驹,还有主题各异的BBQ活动
第八天 探寻世界最美公路大洋路,沿岸的壮阔波澜和笔直绝壁、几乎不到一公里就是个绝景,耸立在海上的岩柱没有一块是相同的
第九天 乘坐普芬比利蒸汽火车,它是澳大利亚最受爱戴的蒸汽火车,也是世界上保存最好的蒸汽铁路之一。在合适的季节,小朋友会有机会体验采摘草莓、樱桃、蓝莓等水果的乐趣
第十天 返回中国或搭飞机前往悉尼



悉尼 游览项目
第十天 到达悉尼,参观悉尼歌剧院,工作人员将带领孩子和家长参观歌剧院内部并给予详细解说。参观悉尼大桥,有兴趣者也可出示健康状况证明,在专业领队的带领下攀登大桥(自费)。达伶港是欣赏风景与放松休闲的绝佳去处。在达伶港亦可参观悉尼水族馆,海事博物馆等
第十一天 维多利亚女皇大厦是19世纪历史性的旅游点,也是美丽的购物中心。现内有超过180家商店,咖啡馆和餐厅。大厦对面就是充满活力的悉尼唐人街。 对于热爱海鲜的人,悉尼鱼市场就是个不可不去的好去处。悉尼鱼市场是南半球最大的海鲜市场,零售、批发新鲜鱼货上百种并售卖其他食品。市场外几排桌椅,一边吃一边欣赏海。
第十二天 悉尼塔龙加动物园有“世界最美丽的动物园”之称。园中生活着各类动物约2,400种,包括袋鼠、考拉(树熊、无尾熊)、鸭嘴兽、澳洲野狗、“坦斯马尼亚恶魔”袋獾、澳洲鸟类等澳大利亚代表性动物,是澳大利亚拥有最多本土和外来动物种类的动物园;下午前往黄金海岸
黄金海岸 游乐项目
第十三天 梦幻世界是充满欢乐的游乐场,主题公园及野生动物园区将让每个孩子都流连忘返
第十四天 海洋世界是澳洲最大的以海洋动物为主题的公园。孩子们不仅可以在北极熊展馆、企鹅展馆、金海豹馆、海豚湾等观赏可爱的动物们,还可以欣赏到精彩的鲨鱼、鲸鱼、海狮和海豹表演,乐趣种种、冒险多多
第十五天 在华纳电影世界的电影拍摄现场找寻喜爱的卡通明星和超级英雄,和兔巴哥、蝙蝠侠亲密合影!还能欣赏现场表演和精彩的卡通明星大游行,亲身参加园内各种有趣的活动
第十六天 返回中国

注:日程仅供参考,实际日程可能会根据天气及学校安排略有调整 wechat:Timothy0727 联系人:Edward 邮箱