Diploma of Interpreting (Mandarin-English)

NAATI Approved Course

This course is designed for students who are planning to work as a paraprofessional interpreter (Mandarin – English) typically in the community and business domains.

During the program, our experienced and NAATI qualified trainers will step by step guide you through various interpreting exercises and help you to develop:

  • Notes taking skills for interpreting purposes
  • Short term memory retention skills
  • Make sense of the briefing and quickly set up your mindset in the dialogue context
  • Pick up idioms/collocations and relay in the other language correctly in a blink of eye
  • Build a comprehensive knowledge of Australian community services, and collocations/glossary in both English and Mandarin
  • And many more skills…

Students who successfully complete the course and pass the assessment upon which recommendation to the NAATI for accreditation are based, will be eligible to gain Paraprofessional Interpreter accreditation.

From January 2018, NAATI’s Approved Courses system will be superseded by a system of Endorsed Qualifications (EQ). The NAATI accreditation system will be superseded by the certification system. NAATI has agreed to endorse GBCA’s Diploma of Interpreting. For further information, please visit: www.naati.com.au.