Welcome to 2019 Chunhui Cup

  • Chunhui Cup has shortlisted 2528 projects from over 20 countries in the past 13 years. 448 students have heavily involved, and 634 key enterprises have been established worldwide.
  • It Provides a platform and opportunity for the participants to demonstrate their business plans to the relevant local industrial experts and University scholars, plus the potential chance to start their business in Australia.
  • The finalists are going to join the training camp, take systematic entrepreneurship counselling, and one to one membership to get feedback and guidance for their projects.


  • 春晖杯已连续成功举办十三届,汇聚了来自20多个国家和地区的报名项目。共遴选出2528个优秀项目,已有448名留学人员走上创业的道路,创办重点企业634家。
  • 营造积极的创新创业生态与氛围,汇聚海外留学人员和项目,以鼓励和支持他们投身创业实践,实现创客梦想。
  • 遴选部分大赛入围项目和项目持有人,入驻训练营,进行系统的创业辅导、交流考察活动,提升落地转化的成功率。


  • Build up an innovative and entrepreneurial platform and encourage creative collision and exchanges between Chinese and Australian youth with the new situation of ‘One Belt, One Road’.
  • Inspire innovation, enhance entrepreneurial ability, and enhance the survival and development capabilities of entrepreneurial projects.
  • Well-known experts, scholars and venture capitals to bring knowledge, capital and resources to help break through the bottlenecks, create opportunities for financing and cooperation, and upgrade projects.
  • Integrate local and global innovation and entrepreneurship resources, helps to connect with local incubators and venture capitals, and build a well-matched entrepreneurial support platform for different stages.


  • 结合“一带一路”的新形势,为海外留学人员搭建创新创业平台,并鼓励中澳青年的创意碰撞、交流合作。
  • 举办创新创业专家论坛和宣讲会,帮助参赛者激发创新活力、提高创业能力,并增强创业项目的生存与发展能力。
  • 知名专家学者及创投机构助阵,将知识、资本、资源汇聚,帮助参赛者打通创业瓶颈,创造融资及合作的机会,帮助项目升级孵化。
  • 整合澳洲当地和中国创新创业资源,协助参赛项目对接当地科技企业孵化器和风投公司,为不同阶段的创业项目搭建精准匹配的创业辅助平台。


3rd May Launching Ceremony 预选赛项目启动仪式
30th May Prior Pre-selection Information Exchange Session 墨尔本预选赛赛前信息交流会
7th June Prior Pre-selection Workshop 墨尔本预选赛研讨会
More Workshops will be arranged 期间将安排更多的研讨会
23rd June Registration Deadline 报名截止
24th June Expert Audition 专家海选
25th June Expert Counselling for Shortlisted Projects 入围项目专家辅导
26th June Melbourne Pre-selection Final (Melbourne Town Hall) 预选赛决赛
15th July Submissions for Chinese Grand Finals 入围项目报送总决赛
September Announcing Entry Projects of Chinese Grand Finals 总决赛入围项目公布
November Pre-departure counselling (Melbourne) 临行前辅导(墨尔本领区)
December Chinese Grand Finals Awards Ceremony 中国颁奖典礼

Our Judges/Mentor

Aibing Yu


Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering, Fellow of Australian Academy of Science, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Pro Vice-Chancellor and President (Suzhou) of Monash University.

Yi-Min (Mike) Xie


Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering,Distinguished Professor of RMIT University,Director of Centre for Innovative Structures and Materials,and Founder of a structural design firm in Shanghai. He received the Clunies Ross Innovation Award from the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, and the AGM Michell Medal (the highest Australian honour in the field of mechanical engineering).

Yanchun Zhang


Director of Centre for Applied Informatics at Victoria University,expert panel member at “National 1000 Talents Program” of China, Chairman of International Web information Systems Engineering Society (WISE).

Qing-Long Han


Pro Vice-Chancellor and Distinguished Professor of Swinburne University of Technology, Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, IEEE Fellow. He used to be the Chair of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Technical Committee on Network-Based Control Systems and Applications. Currently, he is the editorial board member of many internationally renowned journals.

Deli Chen


Discipline leader in Soil and the Environment Research at the University of Melbourne, Director of the Australia-China Joint Research Centre, Healthy Soils for Sustainable Food Production and Environmental Quality. He was awarded the 2019 Kingenta Agricultural Science Award. He also was awarded the JA Prescott Medal for excellence and achievement.

Hong-Jian Zhu

Senior Research Fellow

Heads Cancer Signalling Research Laboratory in Department of Surgery (RMH), The University of Melbourne, President of Australia-Chinese Association for Biomedical Sciences, awarded the Boerhaave Chair Visiting Professor with Leiden University Medical Centre. He has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles with over 6000 citations.

Philip Le Liu


City of Melbourne, Chair of International Engagement in International Students, Tourism/visitation, Sister City relationships.
Deputy Chair of Arts, Culture and Heritage and Knowledge City. Served as the general manager of the China-Australia Youth Association, a non-profit youth organization, and promoted Australia-China bilateral relations. Worked as Management Consultant in Ernst & young.

Yuansheng Pan

General Manager, China Southern Airlines (Melbourne Office)

China Southern Airlines possesses the largest fleet and the most developed route network, and offers the largest passenger capacity for 40 consecutive years in the People’s Republic of China. It has the largest fleet in Asia and the third in the world.

Xiaohong Zheng

State Manager, Bank of China Melbourne Branch

Bank of China has been operating in Australia for more than 77 years and has 14 branches. It is a Chinese Bank with the longest history, the largest scale, the widest coverage and provides the most comprehensive service. It is the only Chinese bank operating in Australia holding a licence to deal with both retail and wholesale customers. In 2014, Bank of China Sydney Branch was designated as the RMB clearing bank.

George Wang

Chairman and CEO at AIMS Financial Group

Chairman and CEO at AIMS Financial Group Since 1991. The business covers credit, fund management, asset securitization, securities trading, investment banking, real estate investment, exchanges and high-tech investment.

Wayne Mo


CEO, AL Capital. Non-Executive Director, SYDNEY Children’s Hospital Foundation. Non-Executive Director, McGrath Real Estate
Former Executive Director, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Beijing Branch Manager. 23 years of banking, finance, investment and Mergers & Acquisitions experience in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Latin America

Andrew Sun

Partner at Deloitte’s Chinese Services Group (CSG)

Partner at Deloitte’s Chinese Services Group (CSG) for Assurance & Advisory
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Certified Practising Accountant Australia
Registered Company Auditor Australia

Eric Gao

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO at BMY Group, which owns Australia’s largest Chinese financial media platform ‘AllFin’. Awarded as Top 10 Outstanding Australian Chinese in 2018. Non Executive Director of OpenMarkets, a provider of execution-only brokerage services for trading on the Australian securities markets and Australasia’s leading investment platform Wholesale Investor.

Steven Xu

Chairman of the Board of Directors of THC Global Group

One of the founders and managing partners of INP Capital. Chairman of the Board of Directors of THC Global Group, a listed company in Australia. Worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers (China and Australia). Australian Institute of Company Directors member. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Summer Li

Associate Director at C2 Capital

Associate Director at C2 Capital
Mentor at Startupbootcamp
Chartered Financial Analyst
Eight years’ experience with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group.

Greg Li

Dean of the International Rehabilitation Institute

Spine Fellowship Program at Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard Medical School. Dean of the International Rehabilitation Institute. Co-founder of Beijing China Rehabilitation Co., Ltd., and Managing Director of Manhattan (Beijing) Hospital Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Former director of strategic marketing at Johnson & Johnson Medical.


Awards 大赛奖项
First Prize (1 Individual/Group)
‘Most Commercial Value’ Award
(Get one-on-one exclusive entrepreneurial counselling tutorial and the opportunity to receive funding from venture capitals*)
Second Prize (2 Individual/Groups)
‘Most Promising Potential for development’ Award
(Get one-on-one exclusive entrepreneurial counselling tutorial and the opportunity to receive funding from venture capitals*)
Third Prize (3 Individual/Groups)
‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ Award
‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship Progress’Award (3 Individual/Groups)
( 获得一对一专属创业导师辅导有机会获得创投公司资金支持* )
( 获得一对一专属创业导师辅导有机会获得创投公司资金支持* )

*The final interpretation right belongs to the venture capitals.

Judging Criteria & Entry Requirements

Judging Criteria:

  • This competition requires participants to propose a product or service project with market potential. 
  • Create a complete, specific, in-depth, feasible, and operational business plan around this product or service project. 
  • Business plans are based on specific products or services
  • Carefully and clearly describe the company’s entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Explain the process of creating a company and explain the resources needed

评审标准 :

  • 本届大赛要求参赛者提出一个具有市场前景的产品或服务项目。
  • 围绕该产品或服务项目完成一份完整详细且可行性与操作性俱佳的创业计划。
  • 创业计划基于具体的产品或服务。
  • 细致清晰地描述公司的创业机会。
  • 阐述把握这一机会创立公司的过程并说明所需的资源。

Basic information of Pre-selection:

Entry Requirements for Project:

  1. In line with national laws and regulations and industrial policies;
  2. The project must have intellectual property rights and no property rights disputes;
  3. The project must have a high level of innovation and strong market competitiveness, as well as better potential economic and social benefits;
  4. The project must be a technologically innovative project or ideas with high technology, high added value, pro-environmental protection, and good economic & social effects.  Industry sectors have been divided into: Information Technology; Biomedical; Resources and Environment; Optomechatronics; Advanced Materials; New Energy and Energy-saving; Agriculture Technology; Modern Service Industry, Cultural creativity, and other high-tech fields.

Entry Requirements for Participant :

  1. Participant/s should be registered individually or as a team.
  2. Studying or working in Victoria or Tasmania with a bachelor’s degree or above.
  3. Previous‘Chunhui Cup’ contest winners are not allowed to participate.
  4. Participants are required to submit a Chinese Business Proposal to the pre-selection registration email: cxcy@edumel.org.

Online Registration:

Participants are required to submit a “Business Plan” to the pre-selection registration email: cxcy@edumel.org

Registration deadline: June 23, 2019 (12:00 midnight)


  1. 参赛者为正在维多利亚州及塔斯马尼亚州学习或工作,已获得本科及以上学位的人士。
  2. 每位参赛留学人员限申报一个项目,可个人申报,也可团队申报。
  3. 往届“春晖杯”大赛获奖项目的第一参赛者不再参赛。


  1. 符合国家法律法规和产业政策。
  2. 拥有知识产权且无产权纠纷。
  3. 具有较高创新水平和较强市场竞争力以及较好的潜在经济效益和社会效益。
  4. 具有高新技术、高附加值、有利环境保护、具有良好的经济社会效应的科技创新项目或创意。行业领域可划分为:电子信息;生物、医药;资源与环境;光机电一体化;新材料;新能源与高效节能;科技农业;现代服务业、文化创意及其他高新技术领域。


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