About Us

Global Business College of Australia (GBCA) is a training organisation that specialises in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, financial services and IT, and can tailor programs according to specific needs and requirements.

GBCA is committed to improving students’ practical application abilities and skills, and providing students with high quality education services to better prepare them for the workplace, and enhance employability.

There are currently several programs/tours that students, families and executives can participate in to simultaneously experience the culture and history in Australia and broaden their horizon in a relaxed and interesting atmosphere.

Equipped with advanced technology and teaching facilities, GBCA aims to create an innovative and educational platform for students to interact, collaborate and engage with students of diversified backgrounds and the broader community in Melbourne, to sharpen students’ cross culture communication and understanding as well as practical business skills.

All trainers at GBCA, selected prudently, possess concrete theoretical and practical knowledge and more importantly, valuable industry experiences allowing them to incorporate insights derived from real life workplace situations into their teaching.

Located in central Melbourne, the college is adjacent to many prestigious institutions, such as the University of Melbourne and RMIT University. Situated in the midst of large shopping centers and famous landmarks such as the Victoria state library, the location provides maximum transportation convenience.