Energy market is fundamental to a nation’s economic growth. At the beginning of 2015, the state council released a paper by CPC Central Committee on the restructuring of energy market. It aims to achieve optimal resource allocation in its new integrated energy system and encourages investment in energy capital market. Energy market restructuring is a series of projects and the key is how to implement energy structural adjustments in the complicated energy market and to strike a balance of cooperation between energy market and coal market.

The Australian energy market has started its restructuring since the mid-1990s. Over more than twenty years of constant development and innovation, its energy market has improved and matured. In terms of competition and effectiveness of energy businesses, the Australian energy market is one of the world’s rare success stories.

Our program aims to seek a deeper understanding of Australian energy market’s current market structure, operation model and its restructuring experience. Through this opportunity to learn and tap into Australia’s experience, it could provide a catalyst to China’s Energy Market restructuring process. Prospective investors of Australian energy market can gain background knowledge of the market.

Program mainly consists of the following:

• Australian Energy Market Talk
Training consists of:
– Lectures by Energy industry experts, illustrating using combination of work and case studies
– Industry Expert Panel Symposium
– Market Stimulation
Program content includes:
– Structure of Australian Energy Market
– National Energy Market—Real time Energy Market
– Energy Financial Market
– Energy Retail Market
– National Energy Market – Interstate Auction Market
– National Energy Market – Service Market
– Renewable Energy Market
– Transmission Network Operators
– Pipeline Gas Market
– Pipeline Gas Business

• Visit to Australian Energy Regulatory Authorities Department

• Tours to Australia Energy Corporations
– Hydro Australia – to gain deeper understanding of the operation model and structure of Australian Electricity market
– Entura – to learn about the similarities and differences of Chinese and Australian Energy market and explore potential cooperation in renewable energy development

• Visit to Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) to gain understanding of the Australian business model and development direction

• Visit to reputable Australian universities (Melbourne University and RMIT) to gain an understanding of the program and professional courses related to energy market

• Visit local attractions and immerse in Australian culture and way of life

Speaker profile:

Professor Liu is currently the Principal Analyst with AGL Energy Limited, one of Australia’s leading energy companies. He has 15 years of experience in energy market analysis particularly in the following areas:

– Hydropower computer system stimulation
– Reservoir storage opportunity cost analysis and pricing
– Research and forecast of energy consumption
– Energy market modelling and price forecast
– Energy trade strategy and energy price setting
– Retail energy pricing method and application
– Market analysis of retail market and forecast consumer consumption
– Pipeline gas market analysis
– Renewable energy market analysis

In the course of his market analysis work, Professor Liu has provided various effective business development strategies and is commended for his significant contribution to the energy market.

Prior to joining energy market industry, Professor Liu was involved in particle physic research. He has a Master in Science, Physics from Tsinghua University and a Bachelor of Science, Physics from Jilin University. He also obtained Certificate in Applied Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia.

Program duration and fees

In accordance to your company’s specification, the duration of the program could be structured as follows:
– 3-day short course
– 7-day long course
– 14-day comprehensive course

Program schedule and timing can be adjusted accordingly to your company’s schedule.

Program fees will depend on your choice of program duration, accommodation, meals and local sightseeing attractions.

Australian Energy Market – International Training and Study Program

Day 1 Departure to Melbourne. Arrival at Melbourne International Airport and check in Melbourne Central City apartments.

Day 2 Lecturer – Professor Liu
• Structure of Australia Energy Market
• National Energy Market—Real time Energy Market
Sightseeing – St Patrick’s Cathedral, Fitzroy Gardens, Captain Cook cottage, Royal Botanic Gardens, Arts Centre Melbourne

Day 3 Lecturer – Professor Liu
• Energy Financial Market
• Energy Retail Market Tour of Phillip Island – Penguin Parade
Watch magnificent return of fairy penguins to their burrows along the beach in Phillip island

Day 4 Lecturer – Professor Liu
• National Energy Market – Service Market
• National Energy Market – Interstate Auction Market
Visit to Australian Trade Commission (Austrade)

Day 5 Lecturer – Professor Liu
• Renewable Energy Market
• Transmission Network Operators Exchange with University of Melbourne and RMIT

Day 6 Lecturer – Professor Liu
• Pipeline Gas Market
• Pipeline Gas Business • Industry Expert Panel Symposium
• Market Stimulation

Day 7 Tour – Hydro Tasmania and Entura

Day 8 Melbourne Day trip (Snow Mountain tour or the Twelve Apostles)

Day 9 Return

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Phone: (+61) 0466 268 122 or (+613) 9041 3050

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