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Australian Cultural Arts Exploration Program

1. Program Objective:
Australian Cultural Arts Exploration Program is designed and tailored specifically for art lovers. Melbourne as the art capital of the southern hemisphere, has gained the titles of ‘The Capital of Charm in the Southern hemisphere’ and ‘The Australian Art Capital’. This program can satisfy the demands of art lovers to explore the rich Australian culture and rapidly growing world of art. The itinerary specifically includes visits to world renown museums, exhibition centres, national and private galleries; simultaneously embracing the opera and orchestral performances. Our experienced art tour guide will effectively provide comprehensive information to those who crave professional and systematic knowledge, offering a unique opportunity to broaden their horizon and an unprecedented experience!

2. Program features:
Art lovers will visit the National Gallery of Victoria, Arts Centre, Museums, Australian Centre for the Moving Image and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, you will get an opportunity to appreciate and understand the history and evolution of Australian art, accompanied entirely by an art tour guide. Melbourne has a large number of theaters and concert hall facilities, art lovers will have the opportunity to listen to a symphony or watch a famous opera, enjoy unlimited visual auditory pleasure and interact with different local artists and Chinese artists, at the same time view different styles of buildings, parks, botanical gardens, churches etc. and experience the strong cultural atmosphere of Melbourne.

Program Highlights
★ World Renown Exhibition Centres – National Gallery of Victoria,Arts Centre Melbourne,Art Gallery of New South Wales(Sydney tour)
★ Eastern and Western artist exchange – Participate in art forums,experience the western art culture and speak to the artists
★ Visual auditory banquet – watch internationally renowned Melbourne symphony orchestral performances and famous opera performances
★ Melbourne city seminar venues,modern classrooms and teaching facilities
★ Experience local culture and landscape attractions –Sydney Opera House,Sydney Harbour Bridge,Darling Harbour(Sydney tour)
★ Comprehensive congenial service – comprehensive pre-travelling training, accompanied guide to explain Australia art history and background
★ Amiable living conditions and environment – central city modern family style apartments, located in the midst of the free tram zone, adjacent to many large shopping centres and Chinatown
3. Program fees
The Australia Cultural Arts Exploration Program fee is 29000RMB per person, if you choose to join the Sydney tour too, there will be an additional 6000RMB per person.

Fees are inclusive of course program and material fees, accommodation, return ticket, local transportation, visa application fees, dining expenses and insurance. The fees do not include personal expenses.
4. Registration period
The registration period commences on 1st September 2015 and closes on 30th November 2015.

5. Program Itinerary
Program schedules can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Day 1 Depart from Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou to Melbourne, check into accommodation
  • Day 2 Visit Arts Centre, this is the largest performing arts centre in Melbourne and the main venue for art performances Visit National Gallery of Victoria, with a collection of over 20,000 pieces from the colonial period to the contemporary Australian art.
  • Day 3 Australia’s food and wine culture,experience food and wine festivals,taste different cuisines Visit Melbourne’s famous winery, understand the wine making process,wine tasting and admire the beautiful scenery
  • Day 4 Australian Centre for the Moving Image, immerse yourself in the world of movies, television series, digital culture; The Federation Square Complex with its abstract surreal design became a new icon of the 21st century in Melbourne. Flinders Street Stations is Melbourne’s largest and busiest railway station, constructed in the Victorian era; Melbourne Immigration Museum objectively reflected the immigration history of Victoria
  • Day 5 Understand the Aboriginal Culture, watch performances and taste indigenous food
  • Day 6 South bank theatre is one of the main venue for the Melbourne Theatre Troupe, art lovers will have the opportunity to watch and musical or concert here Australian Centre for Contemporary Art is an important landmark of Melbourne, it portrays the shape of a ship, has four exhibition spaces of varying sizes, displaying the most avant-garde of international and Australian art
  • Day 7 Participate in local art forum and visit Centre for Contemporary Photography, a place loved by many photographers and consists of different themed exhibitions Appreciate collectibles and understand the history behind Australian antiques
  • Day 8 Private galleries of diversified styles and concepts, street art – Melbourne with its unique form of art expression has gained the title of ‘The World’s Greatest Street Art Capital’ Talk with Chinese artists and exchange thoughts and ideas
  • Day 9 Invite artists to present about the characteristics of the Western Art style – GBCA campus
  • Day 10 Depart for China or continue to Sydney

Note: the above schedule is for reference only. Actual schedule may be slightly adjusted accordingly to fit the school arrangements.

Optional Sydney Tour
Program schedules can be tailored to your specific needs.
Sydney Tour itinerary

  • Day 10 Arrive in Sydney, visit Sydney Opera House, staff will lead the children and parents to explore the Opera House and give detailed explanations about the interior layout. Visit Sydney Harbour Bridge, those interested can display a health certification and climb the bridge under professional supervisor of the instructor (at own expense). Darling Harbour is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery. You can also visit the Sydney Aquarium, Maritime Museum etc.
  • Day 11 Queen Victoria Building is a 19th century historical tourist attraction and a beautiful shopping centre. It now has over 180 stores, cafes and restaurants. Opposite the building is the vibrant Chinatown. The Sydney Fish Market is largest seafood market in the southern hemisphere for retail and wholesale, and has over hundreds of fresh produce to choose from, a must visit place for seafood lovers. There are tables and chairs situated outside the market so you can eat while enjoying the view of the sea.
  • Day 12 Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of the three national galleries in Australia, display some of the most outstanding art of Australia. The gallery mainly exhibits Australian art works of various periods, including Impressionist art and art from Asia; Museum of Contemporary Art Australia exhibits traditional indigenous art and contemporary art, work from 20th century European artists and also art from Asia.
  • Day 13 Depart for China

Note: the above schedule is for reference only. Actual schedule may be slightly adjusted accordingly to fit the school arrangements.

6. Registration and General Enquiries
Contact person:Leslie Wechat:18801121277
Phone: (+61) 0466 268 122 or (+613) 9041 3050