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Career tip: Be 15 mins early (to an interview)

First impressions can take you a long way. We all know that if you don’t hand in your application for a job on time, you won’t be considered for the position. As such, you should avoid arriving late to your interview at all costs.

In any professional environment, showing up late implies that you are either disorganized and unable to manage your schedule properly or that you simply don’t care enough about your job to be there in a timely manner. As such, turning up late to an interview can cost you a valuable opportunity.

To avoid this major mistake, why not practice travelling from your home to the location of the interview ahead of time? This will ensure that you have a route planned out and that you’ll be aware of how long the trip will take.

On the day of the interview, arriving fifteen minutes in advance can be a great way to show that you are both keen and organised. It can also give you the time you might need to deal with your nerves, enjoy a quick break or provide a buffer against any unexpected traffic that might have slowed you down.

If your interview is being conducted over the internet, you should still make sure that you’re ready fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Consider sending a quick “hello” message to your interview and offer to test the connection with them. They might not respond but it is a nice way to show that you care about this opportunity and that you are willing to take initiative.

This article was written and edited by Arthur Chan and Matthew Leach.
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