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Career tip: Resume Mistakes To Avoid 1

GBCA would like to thank our students for their support of the Career tip – we’re coming back early!

Many had expressed to us that they felt sometimes their job applications had disappeared into a void that nobody had actually read it – It could be true and can certainly be discouraging, we would like to share some resume writing tips that would increase your chance of getting an interview offer. Please note these are not the “holy grail” of resume writing, each application is different and should be different. If you have any questions or seeking advice, please email or stay tuned for our career seminars commencing in February 2019!

Most recruiters have identified spelling and grammatical errors as the leading factor in whether or not a resume would be shortlisted. There are many apps that provide Auto-Correct functions, but spelling and grammatical errors are still a pervasive issue in job applications. Here are some of the examples that the majority of apps will not detect:
1. “principle” and “principal”
2. “affect” and “effect”
3. “they’re” and “their”
4. “its” and “it’s”
Please take the time to review what you’ve included in your application. Try revisiting the application after a good night’s sleep and, if you’re unsure, ask a qualified friend to proofread your resume.

Some people rush through their job applications, only to get nothing in return. Giving your resume a little bit of extra love and care is just like spending a few minutes to make sure that you look nice before you leave the house: That additional effort could be what you need to turn a few heads!

This article was written and edited by Arthur Chan and Matthew Leach.
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