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Career tip: Resume Mistakes To Avoid 2

GBCA would like to thank our students for their support of the Career tip – we’re coming back early!
Based on student’s feedback – we would like to share a short series that focus on some of resume mistakes which active job seekers may find useful….
If you have any questions or seeking advice, please email or stay tuned for our career seminars commencing in February 2019!

Have you ever met someone at a party that you found either attractive or a good potential friend? It might be because they communicate well.

Let’s explore the subject of communication in regards to resumes. Your resume is your professional file. As such, it should communicate why you are a qualified individual to potential employers. Make sure to outline your career experience in order to demonstrate why you are suitable for the position. If there are any hobbies or activities that you enjoy that might be compatible with the position, consider adding them to your resume.

With that said, you should avoid including any unprofessional content in your resume that might limit your chances of success. Irrelevant hobbies or an unprofessional email address could spell doom for an otherwise excellent application. If you do want to add a personal touch to your resume, try to restrict it to items that are still relevant to the job or industry.

Let’s think about the party scenario again: if you meet someone who’s jump from 1 topic to another every 30 seconds, do you you would be taking this person seriously?  

This article was written and edited by Arthur Chan and Matthew Leach.  
中文版,由Arthur,Cissy和Nebula编写和编辑 (WeChat or browser compatible, coming soon)