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Challenges International Students Face While Living in Australia

New international students who arrive in Australia are often excited to start their new chapter in life. They come with big dreams and high hopes to build the future career path that they would like to pursue.  

However, their plans are almost always faced with challenges and roadblocks that delays or even halts their plans. In this article, we will be focusing particularly on a couple of these challenges.  


The Education System Is Very Different From We Know in Australia 

This is considered one of the most common challenges that new international students face in Australia. The education system overseas can be very different from Australia. Students struggle to understand how to do proper research and cite references, be an active member of a group assignment or even understanding the course requirements.


Getting the Right Information and Introduction to Life in Australia 

As exciting as living in a new country can be, if you don’t get the right information at the start, life might get tough for you in Australia. New students often struggle with getting around, finding the right places to do their shopping, places to live and organising their paperwork. This is where student orientation programs and guides come in handy.


The Language Barrier 

Learning the English language can be a big challenge. There are different grammar rules and exceptions in English that makes it very difficult for new students to reach a level of fluency that allows them to communicate comfortably with others. 

What makes this language barrier even worse is when students start speaking with locals. They don’t realise that Australians speak fast, and have their own slang, and pronounce and say words differently. Which can be very difficult to understand for non-native speakers. 



How to overcome these challenges? 

GBCA highly recommend international students understand an English language course that helps develop and improve their English language skills for academic, work and social purposes.  

We currently offer:  

These courses focus not only on grammar and speaking skills, but also teaches you how to prepare for your education in Australia, learn how to do research, and cite your references properly.   

If you would like to learn more, get in touch with one of our consultants