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Federal Budget 2024: Positive News for Aged Care Workers

In the recently unveiled Federal Budget 2024-2025, the Australian government has taken measures to address the ongoing needs of the aged care sector. With a focus on improving the quality of elderly care and ensuring welfare for care workers, positive implements have been introduced to sustain and support the aged care system in Australia. Here’s what you need to know as an aged care worker! 

an aged care worker with an elderly woman

Wage increases for aged care workers 

A budget of $11.3 billion has been assigned to support a 15 per cent wage increase for care workers over four years from 2023-24. This is projected to benefit over 250,000 aged care workers with low pay. 

Investment into fostering a skillful workforce 

To encourage and facilitate the skills development of the sector’s workforce, the Government is investing $87.2 million in supporting, attracting, and retaining aged care workers. This investment goes into maintaining programs that provide specialised training for elderly care nurses and promote aged care as an appealing career path. 

Furthermore, $2.54 billion is invested in vocational and other education, indicating significant support and opportunities for individuals training in healthcare. The increased budget for vocational education in the upcoming period is especially beneficial for expanding the aged care workforce. With a projected shortage of 440,000 aged care workers in Australia by 2050, there is a pressing need for improved training and working conditions for these healthcare individuals.  

Improvements to the aged care system 

As a response to recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the government is investing $2.2 billion into aged care reforms. This commitment aims to enhance care quality for the elderly while meeting the training and work rights of aged care staff. 

In summary, the Budget 2024-2025 allocates a considerable proportion into improving the training and working conditions of aged care workers. With increased opportunities to receive professional training and career advantages, it is a good call for individuals to break into the aged care industry. If you have attained a certificate III – the most common level requirement within the industry, you can earn a base rate of $32.21 hourly.  

At Global Business College of Australia, we offer the pathway to a rewarding career in personal care through the Certificate III in Individual Support. The course delivers comprehensive knowledge about aged care while preparing students to be job-ready through practical assessments and work placement. To embark on a fulfilling journey into the aged care sector, enquire today.