Career Ready

To get our students ready for careers, GBCA Career Centre offers both soft skills training and on-job training.

Career Soft Skills

Attend a range of workshops and events designed to develop your career soft skills

Career Workshops

GBCA has monthly “Skill Up Workshops” to help you develop edge of future edge. During these small workshops, you will be taken through the fundamentals of the job application process. Individual workshops focus on unique aspects of applying for jobs, allowing you to sharpen each new skill. One skill at a time. The topics of our career workshops are:

• How to discover yourself for a career goal?

• How to write a successful resume?

• How to write a successful cover letter?

• How to address responses to selection criteria?

• Job interview skills

• Time managing skills at work

• Efficient communication skills for team work

• Office etiquette

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Career Events

In order to help students get the latest information from job market, GBCA Career Centre organizes students to have career conversations with:

• HR Manager

• Industry CEO

• Executive Recruiter

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As Industry Based Learning(IBL), internship can benefit students in these aspects:

• Apply theory to real work practice and gain valuable work experience

• Helping you develop a network of professional contacts and future referrals

• Develop and refine skills

• Receive financial compensation

• Gain confidence

• Transition into a job

GBCA students can approach internship opportunities through different ways, including:

GBCA Partnered Industries

GBCA has partnered with industries to give our students opportunities of internship. Our partner industries are from these fields:

• Information Technology

• Airline and aerospace services

• Architectural design

• Media & communication

• Real estate property development

• Corporate travel

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Professional Placement Agency

IPA (Industry Placement Australia)

LIVE Projects

LIVE Projects is a Study Melbourne Program under the LIVE (Lead, Intern, Volunteer, Experience) initiative. Participating students undertake a unique three weeks collaborative project learning experience to solve a real business problem for a Victorian government, business or community organization.

Participation in LIVE Projects is open to all international students in Victoria with places organized through participating Victorian universities and TAFEs.

GBCA is proudly involved in LIVE Projects Program.

Every year there will be GBCA students qualified and picked to join LIVE Projects Program.

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To find out more or to apply to join LIVE Projects, contact GBCA Career Centre.


Being a volunteer means surrounding yourself with like-minded people, working together to help others. You will meet new friends, network with mentors, and make unique connections.

Explore the volunteering opportunities:

● GBCA resources

GBCA can recommend our students to GBCA collaboration industries and companies for volunteering

● Website searching

Our students can also find themselves volunteer work opportunities through volunteering websites, such as:

Volunteering Victoria
Volunteering Australia
Go Volunteer

GBCA organizes our students to have face-to-face communication with successful volunteers to share volunteering experiences.

▪ Think about the type of work you would like to do
▪ Think about how much time you would volunteer
▪ Research volunteer organizations
▪ Enjoy your volunteer experience