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What can I do with a Certificate IV in Disability Qualification? 

What is Certificate IV in Disability?  

Certificate IV in Disability is a 52 weeks course that trains and prepares students for a career in disability care at residential or healthcare facilities such as home care, clinics and hospitals. 

The course requires students to undertake 120 work placements, this is to ensure students learn on the job and get the practical knowledge necessary to care for people who are aged or disabled. 

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When you complete the Certificate IV in Disability, you will have a nationally recognised qualification that is highly regarded by the sector. The certificate will prepare you for work even in other states, providing you flexibility and work-life balance.  

What does a disability care worker do? 

Disability care workers provide personal care and support to aged and disabled people. Their responsibilities can range from assisting clients with their daily routines, maintaining personal hygiene, food preparations, organising their social events and more. 

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What typical jobs can I do with a Certificate IV in Disability qualification? 

  • Disability Support Worker 
  • Senior Care Assistant 
  • Disability Support Facilitator 
  • Residential Care Officer 

Disability Support Worker 

The Disability support worker is usually responsible for providing support and care for people with disabilities at residential and healthcare facilities.  

As mentioned above, their role consists of providing disabled people with assistance and support with their daily routines and tasks such as going shopping, preparing food, social events, and maintaining personal hygiene.  

Senior Care Assistant/Worker 

Similar to a disability support worker, the senior care assistant provides support to elder clients with their daily routines, such as cooking meals, cleaning, and maintaining personal hygiene. In addition to assisting the client with transportation, administering medication and attending appointments and events. 

Lifestyle or Disability Support Facilitator  

A lifestyle support facilitator is usually matched with a number of clients who may suffer from different types of disabilities. They are responsible for taking care of disabled clients’ needs from taking them to appointments, shopping and engaging in social events and activities. In addition, the role might involve being at home with the client or taking them to places of the client’s choice to try out different activities such as swimming, bowling or going to a cafe. 

Specialise in Disability Care - GBCAResidential Care Officer 

This role is similar to a disabilities support worker as they are responsible for caring for disabled clients at their place of residence. This role doesn’t require taking the client out, but rather helping the client maintain their daily routine, administer medication and maintain personal hygiene. 

Kickstart Your in Disability Care 

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