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What to expect from the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care at GBCA

Increased Child Care Subsidies was implemented from July 1st 2023, which indicated an increase in childcare services as more families have access to childcare for less. This also suggested an increase in the need for childcare workers, making a certificate in early childhood education and care a valuable asset regarding career pathways. As a quality training provider, Global Business College of Australia (GBCA) offers the Certificate III in Childhood Education and Care for those who are eager to enter the childcare workforce. If you want to find out what our comprehensive training program consists of, keep reading this blog to find out.

With the aim of equipping students with the knowledge, skillset, and confidence to step into the workforce, GBCA’s curriculum of early childhood education and care comprises of two components: theory and practice. Theory is delivered in units through in-contact classes with our experienced trainers for two sessions per week, which aims to provide students with the fundamental knowledge they need to help them understand and carry out childcare tasks.

There are 17 units in total, including 15 core units and 2 electives. The majority of the units relates to the different ways of facilitating the growth of children, such as ‘Support the holistic learning and development of children’, ‘Support children to connect with the natural environment’, or ‘Provide experiences to support children’s play and learning’. Furthermore, the theory lessons also cover ethical workplace practices and inclusivity with the units ‘Support inclusion and diversity’, ‘Encourage understanding of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultures’ or ‘Work with diverse people’.

Students will be assessed on the acquired knowledge through short questions, case studies, simulations, and projects. This combination of assessment methods makes sure that students not only can recall what they have learnt, but also understand how to apply that knowledge into the various scenarios presented.

Besides classes teaching theory units, there are practical classes where students are required to attend in person to practice changing nappies, bottle feeding babies, settling babies to sleep, etc. the purpose of classes is to get students prepare for the placement in a childcare setting.

Students will then be arranged to do vocational placement with prospective employers that GBCA has signed agreements with. As a requirement for course completion, students are required to undergo a total of 160 hours of placement which will be observed and assessed by trainers, and be given feedback from center managers. This ensures that by the end of training, students will have a solid foundation of hands-on practice and be ready to join the workforce.

The Certificate III of Early Childhood Education and Care comprehensive training program at GBCA enables students to be job-ready within a short duration of time while obtaining all the essential skills required for their potential future careers. Students who graduate from the course can proceed to become a Day Care Educator, Early Childhood Educator, Nanny or Playgroup Advisor. To find out your eligibility for course entry as well as for government funding, enquire now.