Not sure where the jobs are hiding?

GBCA Resources

GBCA cooperates with companies from different industries to provide internships, part-time jobs and volunteer opportunities for students. Our partner industries and companies are from these fields:

•  Airline and aerospace services

•  Information Technology

•  Architectural Design

•  Real estate property development

•  Media & communication

•  Corporate travel

Please contact GBCA Career Centre to find out the latest Vacancies

Networking to Get A Job

Networking is about making sure that when people hear a job, they think of you.

Tip one: Make a list of people you know through university, work, social networks, family networks and extracurricular activity groups, and consider how they might be connected to your chosen industry.

Tip two: Don’t forget about online networking. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin are all great networking tools. Make it easy for people to find you, show them what you can do.