GBCA IELTS intensive training program

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GBCA IELTS intensive training program has finished with a perfect ending. The program was taught by our qualified teachers with years of experience in English language training and attracted nearly 20 students from Chinese colleges or universities. After three weeks of all-round training, our students attended the IELTS exam with full confidence and achieved their desired results. Among all the students, the average score boosted 1 point, and the highest achiever reached an overall score of 7.5 with full mark in Reading. GBCA’s IELTS intensive training program aims at improving students’ ability in reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and quickly grasping the exam technique through a progressive training method of “teaching-practicing-testing”.

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GBCA hosted an artificial intelligence seminar and the launching ceremony of HUAWEI ICT Skill Competition

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On the 5th of September, GBCA hosted an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Seminar as well as the launching ceremony of HUAWEI ICT Skill Competition. Prof. Chengqi Zhang from the University of Technology Sydney, who is also the Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chair for IJCAI (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) 2017 was invited as our guest speaker and chaired the panel discussion. Finally, the launch of Huawei ICT Skill Competition was officially announced by Mr. Mitar Marescuk, State Manager (VIC/TAS/SA) & National Energy Manager, Huawei Enterprise Business Group. Top performers will not only stand in an opportunity to win generous prizes, but also have a chance to participate in the global final competition in China.

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Youth experiential growth program draw a perfect ending


The goal of GBCA is to develop a program that nurtures the growth and development of primary and secondary students. The program aims to expand students’ international perspectives, enhance their comprehensive abilities, unleash their innate potential, and set their aspirations.

Recently, GBCA successfully held the Youth Future Leadership program which aimed at promoting innovative thinking among students, improving their public speaking skills and fostering a sense of global citizenship through a series of customized activities.

These activities included visits to elite private schools, renowned universities and incubators, as well as trips to popular tourist spots in Melbourne and Sydney, where students could appreciate the natural beauty of Australia and experience its cultural customs. Overall, the program provided a well-rounded and enriching experience for the students.

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International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) was held in Melbourne

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International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) was held in Melbourne, from August 22nd to August 25th. As one of the exhibitors, GBCA took part in a number of presentations, workshops, and academic discussions. As an international conference to lead the research of artificial intelligence (AI), the conference bringing together the international AI community in communicating the advances and celebrating the achievements of AI research and practice, with the theme of “Autonomy and AI”. Leading enterprises in the area of AI, including Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, DiDi, Jingdong, Meitu participated in and sponsored the conference.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) training program

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On the 20th of August, GBCA welcomed a group of Chinese university teachers to gathering its two-week Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) training program. This tailored program is aimed at advancing professional development for teachers and improving teaching quality, through introducing new educational philosophies and pedagogies. During the training, our experienced trainers conducted a comparative study of business models used in both China and Australia, drew a full picture of similarities and differences between ERP systems and deepened the participants understanding of development and innovation of ERP application. Meanwhile, the teachers also explored creative ideas in future teaching innovation through class observation at RMIT and some enterprises visiting.

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Small Business Festival of Victoria seminars kicked off at GBCA

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On the 16th of August, the annual Small Business Festival of Victoria seminar series kicked off at GBCA. Dr. Celina Yu, Managing Director of GBCA, delivered a seminar on the topic of “Growth in Transnational Education (TNE)”, elaborating her vision to the development of TNE. She shared her insights of TNE with over 20 distinguished guests and experts from education industry, including its opportunities and challenges; Australian model across the school, vocational, and tertiary education sector; forms and arrangement of TNE applied in universities around the world; and GBCA as an example.

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GBCA, UC, and Soochow University signed a MOU on further strengthening the trilateral cooperation

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On the 25th of July, GBCA, University of Canberra (UC) and Soochow University signed a strategic memorandum of understanding on further strengthening the trilateral cooperation. Mr. Guo Bin Huang, Acting Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China in Melbourne; Mr. Jiang Zhao, Consulate Education Office of The People’s Republic of China in Melbourne; Professor Nicholas Klomp, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, UC; Professor Yinnan Yuan, former Vice President, Soochow University; Ms. Eman Liu, Executive Director and Vice President, Huashang Education Group; and Dr. Celina Yu, Managing Director, GBCA, attended the signing ceremony. The three parties will expand academic collaboration in terms of program articulation in diploma, bachelor, and master degree, student exchange programs, corporate training as well as short term programs.

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ACBC hosted the 2017 ACBC Education Forum jointly with GBCA and Westpac

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On the 13th July, ACBC hosted the 2017 ACBC Education Forum jointly with GBCA and Westpac, which provided a great opportunity for both the Australian and Chinese education sector to interact and exchange ideas. Distinguished speakers included Mr. Robert Doyle Melbourne Lord Mayor from City of Melbourne. Ms Amanda Pickrell, Director, International Education, DEDJTR, State Government of Victoria. The panel discussion was chaired by Professor On Kit Tam, Professor of Finance, RMIT and Vice President, Australia China Business Council-Victoria, and consisted of Dr Jane Orton, Honorary Fellow, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Mr Derek Scott, CEO and Principal, Haileybury, Mr Edward Smith, Founder of Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA), Dr Susan Su, Business Development Manager, North Asia, Melbourne Airport and Dr Celina Yu, Managing Director, GBCA. More than 130 participants from the education sector and government shared their insights and experience on the topic of “Strengthening Links to Future Prosperity through Education.

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GBCA successfully held a seminar on the topic of “Interpreting Skills learning and Community Interpretation Practice”

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On the 5th of July, Global Business College of Australia (GBCA) successfully held a seminar on the topic of “Interpreting Skills learning and Community Interpretation Practice”. Professor Charles Qin, GBCA industry advisor of Diploma of Interpreting course, was invited as the guest speaker, and over 30 participants attended the seminar. Charles brought students a fantastic speech by talking about interpreting skills, code of ethics, and interpretation practice.

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2017 VCE & Careers Expo

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Australia’s biggest and most successful education and careers event with almost 32,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors. It is the annual platform to provide information and resources for the VCE, university, TAFE and training courses to high school students and their parents, which is a not-no-miss opportunity for you to get first-hand advice on your career, study, and international exchange and gap year programs.

GBCA will participate as exhibitor this year and provide informative and professional consultation to students and their parents.

Welcome to attend 2017 VCE & Careers Expo!


Thu 4 May and Fri 5 May, 9 am – 3 pm

Sat 6 May and Sun 7 May, 10 am – 4 pm


Caulfield Racecourse, Caulfield

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Venue Map



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GBCA Stand