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Are you thinking of enrolling to upskill to stay relevant in today’s job market? The Victorian Government is providing funding for TAFE/ Vocation courses in several programs you can choose from. Continue reading this article to learn more about the government-funded courses and skill first program of both state and federal governments.   

What is Victorian government skill’s first funding program? 

According to the State of Victoria, skills first is a set of reforms for the training and TAFE sector. The reforms ensure that Victoria’s training and TAFE system delivers high-quality training that leads learners to real jobs.  It ensures quality training and learning experience for real-world practice. It will also increase the chances of job placement after the students get their diplomas and certificates.  

The following growth industries are prioritised in the government-funded course under the skill first program: 

  • Medical technology and pharmaceuticals 
  • New energy technology 
  • Food and fibre 
  • Transport 
  • Defence and construction technology 
  • International education and professional services 


What are the courses that are subsidised under the skill first program? 

The courses that get subsidised are those that have been identified as high in demand in the job market today. This is because the government wants to meet skills shortages or prepare for an increase in jobs in Victoria. A skilled workforce is a factor in the economy of any country, so both state and federal governments are working hard to fund training for everyone. Good news and an opportunity you can get. 

The following are the courses: 

While many of the subsidies cover the full among of the course, not all of them are completely free as a lot of these courses are only partially subsidised. As a potential recipient of a subsidy by the Victorian Government, you should be aware of the other costs that are not covered by the subsidies. Some of the other costs you might incur include the following: 

  • Textbooks and other learning materials 
  • Administration fees 
  • Uniforms for workshop classes, as necessary 
  • Placement fees, if any. 

Courses covered by the Skills First Funding program of the Victorian Government being offered in the Global Business College of Australia (GBCA) are, but are not limited to: 

How to check if you are eligible for government funding under the skill first program? 

To check your eligibility for the different programs click here

How to start your journey toward government funding in the skill-first program of your choice? 

Start your journey today to be relevant and upskill to learn more about GBCA’s course offerings covered by the Victorian Government’s Skills First Funding program, please click here to find out more. We are looking forward to helping you upskill! 






GBCA pathway Diplomas leading to the University of Canberra Bachelor Degrees

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Pathway Courses & Bachelor of Commerce and Information Technology

  • Pathway Course and Bachelor of Commerce
Stage OneDiploma of Business
Course CodeBSB50215
CRICOS Course Code090861J
Course Duration52 weeks (incl. 43 weeks training* and 9 weeks of re-assessment, catch up class and course breaks).
Fee$13,300 (2017)
Campus Location and Delivery SiteGBCA campus, La Trobe St, Melbourne
Stage TwoBachelor of Commerce
Course Code762AA
CRICOS Course Code052588C
Course Duration2 years
Fee$24,500 (2017)
Campus Location and Delivery SiteGBCA campus, La Trobe St, Melbourne

Nationally Recognised Training




  • Pathway Course and Bachelor of Information Technology
Stage OneDiploma of Information Technology
Course CodeICT50115
CRICOS Course Code093799G
Course Duration58 weeks (incl. 50 training weeks + 8 weeks for catch up class, reassessment and holidays)
Fee$15,300 (2017)
Campus Location and Delivery SiteGBCA campus, La Trobe St, Melbourne
Stage TwoBachelor of Information Technology
Course Code322AA
CRICOS Course Code019936G
Course Duration2 years
Campus Location and Delivery SiteGBCA campus, La Trobe St, Melbourne

Nationally Recognised Training



If you need more details, please go to UC-GBCA pathway.