Australia Study Tour

Program Objectives

In order to create opportunities for youth to experience international education and to understand western culture and political systems, GBCA College has designed innovative study tour to Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city. In this 10-day of international experience, students have the opportunity to enhance their English language skills while experiencing the beauty and culture of Melbourne. The study tour program provides students with a unique opportunity to enrich their mindset in a globalised context and provides a foundation to become successful global citizens.

Program Features

Study tour groups will experience the following activities:

  • Wide array of specialised lessons
  • Tours to reputable school and student exchange
  • Immerse in Australia’s culture and learn arts, history and sports
  • Experience local culture, local delicacies and Indigenous culture

The GBCA Study Tour Advantage

  • Small groups taught by experienced local Australian teacher and assisted by a teacher from China. Learn a variety of topics which include Australia’s political systems, culture, sports and other enriching lessons.
  • GBCA College provides new state-of-art learning facilities and are supported by friendly student support staff. Situated in Melbourne Central, well-serviced by convenient public transport and surrounded by shopping malls, you can even walk to Chinatown, parks or cafes.
  • Dedicated support services – our designated professional staff will accompany and provide support to the students throughout their stay.
  • Local authentic experience tour at value-for-money price.
  • Excursion to University of Melbourne, the world’s famous and Australia’s number 1 university. Immerse in cultural and language exchange with local students and gain a new perspective.
  • Explore Melbourne’s local attractions and discover the true charm of the world’s most liveable city.

Study Tour Program

University TourNote: the above schedule is for reference only. Actual schedule may be slightly adjusted accordingly to the arrangements with the university and schools.

The University of Melbourne The University of Melbourne, established in 1853, is Australia’s second oldest university and is a member of the Group of Eight and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. It is one of the Asia-Pacific International Trade Education and Research Alliance member universities. Being an academic hub in the Southern Hemisphere, the University of Melbourne is consistently ranked among the leading universities in the world. It is ranked 1st in Australia in Academic Ranking of World Universities (2015) and 33rd in Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2014-2015). Since its establishment, it has nurtured six Nobel Laureates which has well proven its academic performance. RMIT University Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is one of Australia’s oldest university which is renowned for its graduate employability. RMIT is ranked 32nd worldwide in QS World University Rankings (2014) among universities less than 50 years old. It is among top 15 universities in Australia and is ranked as a 5-Star University in QS Stars international evaluation system. RMIT provides innovative and industry-relevant curriculum to its students and its qualifications are internationally recognized. It constantly redesigns its curriculum in accordance to the industry needs to prepare the students with up-to-date skills and knowledge. Its practical in application learning model has attracted many students who can apply their knowledge into practice and quickly adapt to different work environments.





  • 多元化主题的精品课程
  • 参观澳洲名校,与各国学生互动交流
  • 探索并感受澳洲文化,艺术,历史与运动
  • 领略当地风景,品尝特色美食,体验土著文化


    • 多元化的课程设置— 课程内容包含政治体制,文化,运动及其他充实丰富的课程。小班授课,由经验丰富的澳洲当地老师授课并配有中国助教
    • GBCA校园— 设备精良的教室和设施,现代化的学习环境,与友善的资深职员。校园位于墨尔本市中心,交通便利,可步行到唐人街,大型购物中心
    • 贴心照顾—专业负责的领队老师全程贴心陪同,全面照顾学生的日常生活
    • 高性价比—以最优惠的价格得到最满意的收获
    • 参观世界名校 ­­– 在澳洲排名第一的墨尔本大学观赏美丽的校园风景,与当地学生交流,感受不同文化和思想的碰撞
    • 游览墨尔本著名景点 – 感受“世界最宜居城市”的真实面貌

墨尔本大学(The University of Melbourne) 墨尔本大学始建于1853年,是澳大利亚历史第二悠久的高等学府,是八大名校的核心盟校成员,同时还是国际著名研究型大学联盟组织环太平洋大学联盟、亚太国际贸易教育暨研究联盟的成员大学之一。作为南半球首屈一指的学术重镇,墨尔本大学在泰晤士高等教育全球大学排名(2010,2011,2012)、世界大学学术排行榜(2011,2012)、世界大学科学论文质量排名(2010,2011,2012)中均为南半球排名最高的大学,其中在2012年泰晤士高等教育全球大学排名中墨尔本大学位居全球两万余所大学中的第28位,建校已来,墨尔本大学已经培养出6名诺贝尔奖得主,其学术能力可见一斑。