Australian Cultural Arts Exploration Program

Program Objective

Australian Cultural Arts Exploration Program is designed and tailored specifically for art lovers. Melbourne as the art capital of the southern hemisphere, has gained the titles of ‘The Capital of Charm in the Southern hemisphere’ and ‘The Australian Art Capital’. This program can satisfy the demands of art lovers to explore the rich Australian culture and rapidly growing world of art. The itinerary specifically includes visits to world renown museums, exhibition centres, national and private galleries; simultaneously embracing the opera and orchestral performances. Our experienced art tour guide will effectively provide comprehensive information to those who crave professional and systematic knowledge, offering a unique opportunity to broaden their horizon and an unprecedented experience!

Program features

Art lovers will visit the National Gallery of Victoria, Arts Centre, Museums, Australian Centre for the Moving Image and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, you will get an opportunity to appreciate and understand the history and evolution of Australian art, accompanied entirely by an art tour guide. Melbourne has a large number of theaters and concert hall facilities, art lovers will have the opportunity to listen to a symphony or watch a famous opera, enjoy unlimited visual auditory pleasure and interact with different local artists and Chinese artists, at the same time view different styles of buildings, parks, botanical gardens, churches etc. and experience the strong cultural atmosphere of Melbourne.

Program Highlights

★ World Renown Exhibition Centres – National Gallery of Victoria,Arts Centre Melbourne,Art Gallery of New South Wales(Sydney tour) ★ Eastern and Western artist exchange – Participate in art forums,experience the western art culture and speak to the artists ★ Visual auditory banquet – watch internationally renowned Melbourne symphony orchestral performances and famous opera performances ★ Melbourne city seminar venues,modern classrooms and teaching facilities ★ Experience local culture and landscape attractions –Sydney Opera House,Sydney Harbour Bridge,Darling Harbour(Sydney tour) ★ Comprehensive congenial service – comprehensive pre-travelling training, accompanied guide to explain Australia art history and background ★ Amiable living conditions and environment – central city modern family style apartments, located in the midst of the free tram zone, adjacent to many large shopping centres and Chinatown.








★ 世界级展馆 – 国立美术馆,国家艺术中心,新南威尔士艺术馆(悉尼游) ★ 中西艺术家交流 – 参加艺术讲坛,感受西方艺术,与艺术家讨论对话 ★ 视觉听觉盛宴 – 观赏具有国际声誉的墨尔本城市交响乐团的演奏会,欣赏著名歌剧 ★ 市中心研讨场所,现代化的教室与设施 ★ 体验当地人文景观 –悉尼歌剧院,悉尼大桥,达伶港(悉尼游) ★ 贴心全方位服务 – 全方位的行前培训、艺术背景的讲解员全程陪同 ★ 舒适的住宿环境 – 市中心现代化家庭公寓,处于免费电车区,近各大商场及唐人街