Career Path Program (Internship)

Career Path Program is learning first-hand through real work or work-like experiences. Career Path Program is a key element to enhancing your employability in the workplace. It reinforces our commitment to preparing professional and highly employable graduates with the right mix of skills and knowledge. Career Path Program experience will help you to be ready for the next stage in your professional life. In addition, if you potential and demonstrate outstanding performance to your host company, you may be offered a full-time position. GBCA is dedicated to helping every student who is keen to achieve a successful career through our placement program. It’s a great opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in certain areas of your study. The soft skills, practical skills and profession relevant work experience that you gain from this program, will definitely bridge the gap from study to employment.


  • A great transition from education to the professional workforce.
  • The best opportunity to apply theory to real world practice.
  • Learning soft skills and to have a better understanding of Australia’s work culture.
  • Helping you to develop a network of professional contacts and future referrals.


  • Internship Guarantee
  • Interview Skills and Resume Writing Workshops
  • One-On-One Career Consultants
  • More than 300 Hosting Companies