English Language (for domestic students)

At GBCA, we offer Certificates I-IV in Spoken and Written English. Each syllabus has been designed to meet the Requirements of the Nationally Accredited Curriculum: Certificate in Spoken and Written English.

All classes are taught face-to-face. Our learning activities are practical with collaborative, student-centred teaching. Programs are focused on interactive classroom practice to maximize English learning.

GBCA teachers have post-graduate degree qualifications in teaching English as a second language, equipped with the understanding of the learning needs and best teaching methods in the vocational education industry.

Our teaching aims to motivate students, allow them to continue their English learning at a higher level. The entire Certificate in Spoken and Written English course is structured so that each level forms a foundation for the next.

Our Level IV Certificate in Spoken and Written English is in further studies. It prepares students to transition to higher education studies, and focuses on essay and report writing skills and conventions, lecture note-taking skills.

GBCA students completing each certificate level will receive a Nationally Recognised Qualification.