Information Technology

Information Technology is essential to every business and organisation, and can be applied to many different employment pathways. Students within this discipline acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in design, development, and implementation of a range of software-based systems over computer network infrastructures.

With the cutting-edge, professional and practical skills, and flexible delivery, the course provides students with opportunity to be at the forefront of technology with employment opportunities in just about every industry; such as business, information systems, system analysis and modelling, system administration, security, networking, software development, and artificial intelligence, from the foundation to acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills in the future.

With a strong and solid background in information technology, graduates will be qualified for designing, implementing, and operating ICT programs. They will also gain valuable attributes: analysis and enquiry processing, problem solving, professionalism and social responsibility, critical thinking, reflective practice, and thriving in an environment of change.