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Copyright Guide

Copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects a person’s creative skills and labour. In Australia, copyright law is governed by the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act), and the Act is amended from time to time to keep the law up to date. Material protected by copyright includes but is not limited to:

  • Literary works such as books, journal articles, novels, reports;
  • Computer programs;
  • Compilations such as databases;
  • Sound recordings such as recordings of music or words;
  • Cinematograph films such as feature films, television programs and commercials and
  • Artistic works such as photographs, maps, plans and paintings.

All students conducting their own research can rely on provisions in the Australian Copyright Act 1968 called “Fair Dealing for the purposes of research or study” meaning that you can copy the following:

  • one article from a periodical publication (e.g.: journal) or more than one article from the same issue if they relate to the “same research or course of study”;
  • one chapter (or 10% of the pages) of a literary, dramatic or musical work (e.g.: book, play or sheet music);
  • 10% of the number of other types of works and subject matter, such as audio-visual material, for study purposes (e.g.: clips from films).
  • Fair dealing for research or study allows you to make use of a copyright work for your assessment. It will not cover you if you intend to publish or communicate the work to the public (e.g.: put it on a website).


For more information, visit the Australian Copyright Council website at:

Databases, Journal Articles, eBooks and Other Online Resources

Online resources are available for all GBCA staff and students. For information on how to access these resources please see the Databases, Journal Articles, eBooks and Other Online Resources link below.

Newspapers, Journals and Magazines

The GBCA Library provides a range of course relevant newspapers and magazines within the library.

For free access to electronic journals, magazines and newspapers, please see the Databases, Journal Articles, eBooks and Other Online Resources link below.

Other Libraries

If the GBCA Library is not open when you need a library, please see the Other Libraries information below for both physical and electronic library services.

Study Skills

It is the intention of the GBCA Library to empower students to be successful. The Library staff do not do the work for the students in any way.

A range of regular classes are available in the library to assist you to have the skills you need to study successfully. The classes include:

  • How to study and manage time successfully
  • How to use Microsoft Excel at a basic level
  • How to communicate and work together in a team
  • How to search the Internet and evaluate the information
  • How to search databases and find journal articles
  • How to write a report
  • How to give a presentation and use Microsoft PowerPoint at a basic level
  • How to reference to avoid plagiarism
  • Exam preparation

The timetable for the classes will be available on the Events page of the GBCA website. If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled classes, or would like a specific class, or a class to be given to all of your students in your classroom, please contact the Library on

Student Learning Resources

To enable you to teach yourself a range of relevant study skills, here is the open-access study skills support area from the University of Canberra

Study Skills Consultations

One on one consultations are available to be booked with the Librarian for 20 minutes. Please ensure that you bring your unit outline with you and have done the best you can to solve these queries yourself prior to requesting assistance. Assistance can be given with:

  • Understanding assessment task requirements
  • Assignment writing and structure
  • Feedback on assignment drafts (not proofreading)
  • Researching and finding journal articles and other information resources
  • Referencing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Time management, study planning and exam preparation

If you are a teacher and wish to refer a student to participate in a one on one consultation, please email the Library first on  to ensure that assistance can actually be provided for this particular situation.

University of Canberra Library

The University of Canberra Library provides access to electronic resources for students and teachers who are enrolled in the UC courses through the GBCA. To access, use your UC student number and a password (available from the ITM service desk:  02 6201 5500) and login at

All access to physical resources is via the GBCA Library.

As a UC student or staff member in Melbourne you will have access to the learning support services of both GBCA and the University of Canberra including:

Students located at partner institutions may also access the UC Library online research assistance services via Chat and Ask-a-Librarian. For more information see the Off-Campus services offered to UC students and staff located at the GBCA campus in Melbourne.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Library.