GBCA is currently offering a 3 months winter scholarship for selected courses from 1st June 2020 – 31st August 2020

Here is the list of courses that will be included in the scholarship. If you are interested to know more please email:

*This scholarship is available only to “Onshore Students”

General English (Elementary to Upper Intermediate)098218EAUD 280/ weekAUD 180.00 /weekAUD 100.00 /week
English for Academic Purposes (EAP)098219DAUD 300/weekAUD 180.00 /weekAUD 100.00 /week
Diploma of BusinessBSB50215090861JAUD 8,000AUD 6,000AUD 2,000
BSB60215-Advanced Diploma of BusinessBSB60215090862GAUD 8,000AUD 6,000AUD 2,000
ICT40815 – Certificate IV in Digital Media TechnologiesICT408150100866AUD 8,000AUD 7,000AUD 1,000
ICT50115-Diploma of Information Technology**ICT50115099815JAUD 13,000AUD 7,000AUD 6,000
ICT60315 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business AnalysisICT60315097759FAUD 10,000AUD 7,000AUD 3,000
PSP50916-Diploma of Interpreting (Mandarin-English)PSP50916091761EAUD 8,000AUD 6,000AUD 2,000
PSP50916-Diploma of Interpreting (Spanish-English)PSP50916091761EAUD 8,000AUD 7,000AUD 1,000
PSP60816 – Advanced Diploma of Translating (Mandarin-English)PSP608160100865AUD 9,000AUD 7,000AUD 2,000
CHC30113 – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and CareCHC30113097758GAUD 14,000AUD 7,500AUD 6,500
CHC50313 – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and CareCHC50113097270JAUD 12,000AUD 7,500AUD 4,500
Diploma + Advanced diploma of Business (2 years)AUD 11,500
*Cert IV in Digital Media + Diploma of IT  (NEW)AUD 13,500
Diploma + Advanced diploma of IT (2 years)AUD 13,500
Cert III + Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (2 years)AUD 14,500
*Diploma of Interpreting (Mandarin-English) + Advanced diploma of translating (NEW)AUD 13,000
 GBCA pathway program to University of Canberra (UC)
Diploma of Business (pathway)AUD 13,000