Successful Interns

Daniel Thomson

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Media Arts and Production 2017

IT Advisory Graduate – Ernst and Young

Graduate Program 2017

For Daniel Thomson, dual degree Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Media Arts and Production student, a paid internship in the semester break helped him prepare for and ultimately gain employment as an IT Advisory graduate with big-four consulting firm Ernst and Young prior to finishing his studies.

“I applied for the EY Winter Vacationer Program after hearing about it from a few friends I had studied with; I wanted to add practical real-world experience to my CV before graduation to help secure a job later on. It went really well and at the end of the 3-week program I was offered a graduate position with EY for the following year!” – Daniel Thomson, IT and Media Arts and Production student

Daniel credits both his technical IT skills and soft workplace skills learnt at UC for his employment. Since starting his studies at UC, Daniel has worked as a Student Ambassador, helping to promote the university and as a database administrator for the Vice President Global Office.


Harry Chen

Diploma of Interpreting

Upon graduation from the Diploma of Interpreting Course at GBCA, Harry Chen successfully secured a position as the Project Administration Intern at Huawei Australia in Melbourne. His first step towards his career progress demonstrates a fine outcome of GBCA Career Program.

“I attended the Diploma of Interpreting Course at GBCA. GBCA Career Program recommends internship positions to students on a regular basis and that was how I found out this opportunity with Huawei Australia. Using the skills and knowledge I gained from job – ready workshops which include resume writing skills, interview skills, presentation skills etc., I was able to stand out during the interview. GBCA has put focus on delivering soft skills to students, which really made a difference in my job seeking process.”


Kenneth Wan

GBCA Career Program

As part of GBCA’s Career Path Development Program, Kenneth Wan’s three-month internship with China Southern Airlines led to a full-time job. Kenneth credits the career support he received while he was studying for his smooth transition into the workplace.

“The whole internship program was indeed very intriguing and I would personally recommend it to students whom want to construct a solid foundation in terms of work experience. During my job search, GBCA provided professional advice and coaching on resume writing and related skills, which ultimately secured me an internship position with China Southern Airlines. During my internship, I encountered numerous new challenges and I personally consider this the best way to develop my interpersonal and social skills. At the end of the internship, China Southern Airlines decided to offer me a full-time position due to my dedication and performance during the internship. Without the support and guidance from GBCA, I would have never had the opportunity to obtain this job offer.”