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Career tip: Ask when you have the chance

A good interview is a two-way conversation. You should aim to have a discussion with your interviewer about where your resume matched the job description. Try using the information that you’ll learn from these discussions to improve upon your resume.

In most cases, employers will perceive an interviewee who does not ask questions when offered the chance as either unprepared or disinterested. Use this as an opportunity to get to know more about both your potential employer and the job that they might offer you.

The best questions that you can ask will be based around the conversation that you just had. Make sure to prepare a couple of interchangeable questions that relate to the position prior to the interview. Don’t stress if you don’t feel like the questions you’ve prepared are suitable; you can always ask about the company’s internal culture or how the position that you are being interviewed for became available.

This article was written and edited by Arthur Chan and Matthew Leach.
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