Advanced Diploma of Translating (English to Mandarin)

Nationally Recognised Training

Program Code                                                                         PSP60816

CRICOS Course Code                                                             0100865

Institution Number                                                                  940716

Course Duration                                                                     Delivery will occur over 52 weeks

Delivery Mode                                                                       Face to face training

Campus Location and Delivery Site                                   337-339 La Trobe Street, Melbourne 3000

Course Description

This course is designed for students who are planning to work as a translator (English à Mandarin) typically in the community and business domains in  personal documents, government, legal, health, technology, business, community, education, tourism, finance, consumer affairs, insurance, culture, science and commerce and economics. Candidates studying this program have Mandarin as their strongest language.

The Advanced Diploma of Translating prepares translators to translate texts where there may be significant equivalence problems between source and target text, the subject of the text has its own specific terminology, or there is need to undertake extensive research and translate complex language and concepts. Specific audiences may be found in commerce and marketing, government and international relations – including immigration, both regular and humanitarian – the media, and sectors generally considered to be professional, such as law, health and medicine, technology and science. Assignments may deal with material which requires significant quality assurance processes as the consequences of mistranslation can be far reaching.

Industry Accreditation

This program is endorsed by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Students who successfully graduate from this qualification will be eligible to sit certification test for the: NAATI Certified Translator.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must satisfy all requirements as below:

Academic requirements:

Successful completion of an Australian Year 12, or equivalent senior secondary school qualification. Applicants with work experience in this field will also be considered.

English requirements:

Students must demonstrate that they have either:

  • English level equivalent to IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent in an internationally recognised test) with the reading and writing skills of 6.0 or above, or
  • Successful completion of GBCA EAP2 English for Academic Purposes
  • Successful completion of a Diploma of interpreting (Mandarin-English) or
  • Successful completion of GBCA English Placement Test

Mandarin requirements:

  • Students must demonstrate that they have completed a minimum of year 12 in a program delivered in Mandarin, or
  • Successful completion of a Mandarin reading and writing test. Applicant may be interviewed if further information is required.

Course Structure

Unit Code and Name
PSPTIS100 – Apply codes and standards to professional judgement
PSPTIS002 – Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments
PSPTIS101 – Negotiate translating and interpreting assignments
PSPTIS066 – Apply theories to translating and interpreting work practices
PSPTIS070 – Prepare translated transcripts
PSPTIS071 – Translate multimedia source material
PSPTIS021 – Translate and certify non-narrative text
CUAWRT401 – Edit texts
PSPTIS060 – Analyse text types for translation of special purpose texts (LOTE-English)
PSPTIS067 – Demonstrate complex written LOTE proficiency in different subjects and cultural context
PSPTIS064 – Read and analyse special purpose English texts to be translated
PSPTIS062 – Translate special purpose texts from English to LOTE
PSPTIS061 – Quality assure translations

Assessment Methods

A variety of assessment methods will be used throughout the course, including: Product based methods, Portfolio, questioning…

Intake Dates

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